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DIY | Bottle Bracelet
It seems like forever since I did an upcycle DIY project, so I’m very excited to share this new one with you!

It’s a pretty low cost and easy tutorial, and I personally really loved making it! The fun part is that you can alter it to your own taste, so please share your creations I would love to see them!

Have fun upcycling!

Plastic Bottle | Bracelet chain | Hoop Rings | Pliers | Scissors | Nailpolish | Pen/Marker | Big Sewing Needle

1. Cut your bottle in half.
2. Use one half of the bottle to test your nail polish thickness and color. (you can also cut them out and test what they look like when they are layered)
3. Cut 12 pieces of plastic. Draw 6 small circles** and 6 bigger circles on the plastic and cut them out.
4. Paint your circles in your choice of nail polish and color. Let them dry.
5. Use your needle to make a small hole in the plastic circles. Next, use your pliers and hoop rings to attach the plastic circles onto the bracelet.

All done!

** You can also make small hearts, triangles etc. and adjust it to your own taste!

Dress by Lalamagic 


The new album of Arcade Fire is out and that calls for an Inspirational Tuesday music theme.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a lovely tuesday everyone!

OUTFIT | Let’s Go Yellow!
Let’s start by me saying that I just love the color yellow! It makes me happy by just looking at it!

About the last few weeks, I can name a few reasons for my less frequent posting: broken laptop, broken camera, extremely busy projects at school, family stuff, etc. 

But no reason to think that Lana Red Studio is history, because the good times are on their way! I am getting a new laptop from the insurance this week! And my camera miraculously fixed itself :)

So I figured to start the new season of with a bang, and make my outfit post a festive one!

And thank you all so much for your kind words, comments and emails! I truly enjoy reading every single one of them!

 Dress by Chicwish | Tights by Primark | Coat by Soho


I recently stumbled upon the Tumblr Page Unsplash and just loved all the images that they share. And the best part is that you can download all of the images freely and use them for your own page!

Here are some of my favorites:

Have a lovely tuesday everyone!

OUTFIT | Ponies & Flowers
I am back! And it’s time to celebrate with ponies and flowers today!
I have had a lot of busy projects and I finally have the time to share it with you. Remember me talking about a theater design I did with a friend which involved filling a whole living room with flowers? Well, it’s finally finished and the theater show was amazing! 
I am so proud of how it turned out and we got a lot of good reviews! 

And I wouldn’t be much of a blogger if I didn’t grab the opportunity to do an outfit post in the middle of the flower room in a flowy pony dress :)

So here it is, my first post after a bit of an absent period. And be on the lookout because I have a lot of fun new posts lined up for you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Dress by Chicwish | Shoes from Ebay

Inspirational Tuesday | Cassia Beck

It has been a while since I’ve showed some Etsy Love on the Lana Red Studio blog, so I figured that my weekly Inspirational Tuesday post can be the perfect medium to combine some fun art with Etsy love!

I have been browsing through Etsy this afternoon and was so excited to see all these talented artists that offer their work on this platform. I usually go to Etsy for gifts or vintage clothes, but right now I just can’t stop looking at these great art prints and photographs!

To share some of my great finds, I decided to choose my favorite artist today and that is Cassia Beck. I love her photography! It’s all just so colorful, mesmerizing, girly and with a retro touch ;)
She captures simple items and settings, but makes them special in her own special way!

I hope you like her work as much as I do!

Have a wonderful tuesday everyone!

And The Winner Is…..

Today I’m anouncing the winner of the ‘Double The Good Times Necklace from’ the LaLaMagic giveaway! I loved to host this giveaway, because I always like to make people happy and this necklace is just so special!

Thank you everyone for entering in the giveaway last week, it has been a pretty hectic week and I finally finished the theater design for the show that I was working on! Unfortunatly my laptop died last week in the process and it has made blogging a bit difficult for me :( So I am very sorry to be a little bit more absent, I will try to post as often as I can, and maybe I’ll just have to come up with a “fix your laptop DIY”;)

And now the winner anouncement: the winner of the LalaMagic giveaway is:……. Bethanny from Michigan!

Please Bethanny contact me at: lanaredstudio(at)gmail(dot)com and I will make sure that you get that pretty necklace very soon!

Thank you to all of you that entered this giveaway!
DIY | Monogrammed Tablet Sleeve
I always love to make things that are not only easy to make but also have a practical purpose!

So when a friend of mine asked me to make him a protective sleeve for his new tablet, I started sketching straight away! 
I decided to keep the design as simple as possible, but I did add a personal touch by engraving his initial in the material. 
And you know what the best part about this DIY is? You can adjust the sizes to also make a matching phone, laptop, etc. sleeve!

Here’s how you can make your own tablet sleeve! 

two pieces of leather | Sewing machine | Painters Tape | Pen | Scissors | Soldering Iron (or a burning tool)

1. Place the two pieces of leather on top of each other and sew along the bottom line.
2. Place your tablet between the leather en draw a line where you want to close the sides(see image). Remove your tablet and sew the second line.
3. Cut the excessive leather.
4. Get your painterstape and place the tape where you want your design to be.
5. Use your pen to draw your design on the tape.
6. Get your Soldering Iron and carefully trace your design. Make sure that you burn trough the tape, but not to far to cause a hole!

Remove the the tape and you are done!

OUTFIT | This Magical World
Working on my theater project and being in a room filled with flowers (pictures will follow soon) all day really has a magical influence on my daily life. I just can’t seem to let the theme go, even when I get home. 
I think of flowers, birds, colors and smell them in my dreams. And I feel like I am in this magical world, where colors mix with black & white, and birds appear from coloring books. I never want to leave this place and I am enjoying every second of it!

I really wish I could bring all of you with me in this magical experience and show you what I see everyday in in my current theater world. But for now I will treat you to an outfit post that is fully based on my magical world! And what a better way to do that, than in a golden girly dress!

Dress by LalaMagic | Shoes are Vintage | Ring by Rings & Tings | Earrings are Vintage

DIY | Delicate Feather Rings
There is this gorgeous trend going around that involves wearing simple delicate rings, and I just love it! 

But after a while I really felt the need to add a personal touch to the trend and that’s how I came up with this fun DIY: Delicate Feather Rings.

It’s very simple and you can adjust the tutorial in any way you like!

Happy crafting everyone!

Scissors | Pliers | Glue | Ribbon connector | Jump Rings | Crimp Beads | Feathers | Suitable Rings |
| Chain |
1. Attach the chain to the rings with hoop rings using your pliers.
2. Pull a feather trough the crimp bead and decide your desired length. Crimp the bead and repeat with all feathers.
3. Attach the ribbon connector with glue and use your pliers to use pressure. Cut the excessive feather off and repeat on all feathers.
4. Attach your feathers to the chain using the rest of the hoop rings.

All done!

And there are so many different fun ways to wear your new rings! Here are some examples: