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Inspirational Tuesday | Floral Scoops

All I can say about these delicious looking flowers is that I just love art that includes pretty colorful ice cream!

Happy Inspirational Tuesday Everyone!

Photography by Parker Fitzgerald. Link found on Booooooom.

Inspirational Tuesday
This incredible series of photographs is called Wonderland and is created by Kirsty Mitchell in memory of her mother. And I find them very inspiring especially after reading the whole story behind the project.
This is just a small selection of all the wonderful things she made, so for more visit her website.

Have a lovely inspiring tuesday everyone!

Inspirational Tuesday
I have been wanting to start a photography series for a while now and I have been doing a lot of research on portrait photography lately. There are just so many amazing portrait photography series out there and they are all very inspiring!
One of my favorite so far is ‘Switcheroo’. A series that captures couples in each others outfits.

It is so much fun to look at all the pictures and study the couples and their changed ‘looks’!

The photos are taken by Hana Pesut, a self-taught photographer from Canada. You can see more of her work on her website sincerelyhana and there is also a book coming out soon with a collection of Switcheroo photos!

Inspirational Tuesday

Victoria Campillo is an artist that creates series of photographs that number in the hundreds. In many of her series, she combines the style of important modern artists and everyday objects in an almost schizophrenic way.

I discovered her work when I was at the press launch of The Green Touch of Spain Pop-Up Shop. And I was surprised that a pair of boxer shorts reminded me of the famous artist Rothko:)

It is amazing how she can make a pair of boxers, pig statues or even a man dressed in pink, be in the style of these famous artists.

There is something that’s a bit unusual about her work, but I just find her amazing!

Inspirational Tuesday
I stumbled across this sculpture on Pinterest and I just loved the idea! It is made by wonderful artist Jeff Koons.
I wish I could see this amazing sculpture painting on the buildings behind it!

For more of his work visit his website.

Inspirational Tuesday
Last weekend was the weekend that the biggest museum of Holland opened it’s doors ofter a 10 year renovation: The Rijksmuseum
And with the opening of the museum they launched a website that gives you the opportunity to look at a big portion of there collection online. The quality of the images is amazing!
I have been to the museum when I was younger, and I love to bring back memories by looking at all these pretty works of art.

Besides being able to look at the beautiful work, you could also download the images, or get crafty with them!

This link brings you to the online collection.

And this link helps you to incorporate your favorite piece into your own crafty work.

Have fun exploring!

All of the above image can be found in my profile folder: click here

Tuesdays are normally the ‘Inspirational Tuesdays’ on the Lana Red blog. But since it was my 1 year blogiversary, I had to spend my day eating cake and sharing the news with you!

So I am making it up to you by showing you a new clip for Prada’s perfume Candy. The clip is made by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola and it has this fun absurd vibe to it. 
The video is actually part 2 of 3 episodes, but this one is my favorite because it includes cake:)



To see the other 2 episodes visit the Prada website.

Inspirational Tuesday
I was browsing through my favorite blogs on Bloglovin last week, when I noticed these beautiful images on Love Maegan
I immediately felt inspired to start making pictures and see how I could give them this folklore and dreamy feel.
I just love them!

Original images found here

Inspirational Tuesday
These thread drawings are made by Debbie Smyth, a fabulous textile artist, that I just love!
Here is something about here work:
 "Smyth makes 3D ‘drawings’ using an elaborate network of pins and threads to create what on first sight looks like black and white sketches of buildings. It’s a cross between fine art drawings and textile art, flat and 3D work, illustration and embroidery."

I really like how diverse her illustrations can be, and it makes me want to start making my own thread art:) So inspiring!

Inspirational Tuesday
I am in love with this photography project that just keeps inspiring me. The images where taken by photographer Menno Aden and are part of his ‘room portraits' series.
Alle of these photographs are taken by a camera that the artist installed on the ceiling of various rooms. He has captured many different environments and I really enjoy just browsing through his collection of regular spaces taken from a different angle.

Doesn’t this just make you want to take a look at your own home from the ceiling? :)