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DIY | Custom Phone Case
I am so excited to announce a super fun DIY collaboration with Casetagram today! 

As some of you may have noticed by my improved Instagram photos, I just bought my first Iphone ever! And to celebrate: I am collaborating with the fabulous people of Casetagram and designed my own custom case. 

It was extremely easy and a lot of fun to do: 

I decided to use my ‘mug’ design and first drew it on paper. Then I took a picture of the drawing and uploaded it to the Casetagram website. (you can also use a scanner or draw it on your computer of course)
I always love to use this design, because I can mix the houses, and really create a ‘theme’. And the best part is that if you don’t like windmills ;) you can also do a Paris theme!

And if you are like me, and can’t choose which design you like best, just design 4 cases at once :
And if you’re not really in the designing mood to design your own case, feel free to use any of the above designs by clicking here.

And as a treat Casetagram is offering you a special 10% discount to order your own case! Just use the code: LANACASETAGRAM10

Here’s me showing off with my pretty new phone and case  :)

I started my suitcase outfits series, because I have been living out of a suitcase in New York City for the last two months. But what I probably should have anticipated is that I could not resist buying some new cute pieces! 
But having a few new dresses does not mean that I don’t just love to mix and match. And I just got really into the spirit of it, which means that every item I own right now is a new challenge of trying new ways to wear it!
Take this maxi dress for instance, as soon as I noticed it in the store, it just screamed different fun styles at me :)

So here are three ways to wear a maxi dress:

Dress by Burlington | Shoes by VanHaren | Earrings by Lana Red 

CLASSIC- Take the dress as a simple base and add a waistband or bow to the waist to show of those curves!

Dress by Burlington | Shoes by VanHaren | Blazer by Forever21 | Earrings by Lana Red 

COLOR BLOCK- Add a pop of color to the top of the dress by adding a jacket or blazer. I choose to wear a blue blazer for a more fancy occasion, but a short leather jacket would also work really well with this look.

Dress by Burlington | Shoes by VanHaren | Necklace by Forever21 | Earrings by Lana Red 

CASUAL- Maxi dresses don’t always have to be worn maxi! It is very easy to shorten your dress by wearing shorts underneath your dress and fold the bottom of the dress into the elastic band of the shorts!
This makes the dress more suitable for those warm days and at when it gets chilly at night, just wear the dress down again!
Combine with a long necklace and ribbon to add a little bit of detail.

DIY | Bow Earrings
I just love earrings! But I always have a hard time with matching them to my outfit. So one day I just thought, let’s use a piece of my outfit and create a pair of earrings out of it! This way the colors and materials will definitely match!
What did I use, you ask? Well, the ribbon inside the clothing of course! 
Because I never really have to use them and most people I know cut them out anyway. So why not reuse them instead of throwing them out:)

Here’s how:

Supply number 1: A piece of ribbon.

 Supply number 2: earring posts and backs

Step 1: Use a permanent marker to color the earrings posts in the color of your ribbon.

Step 2: Make two tiny bows out of the ribbon

Step 3: Use your super glue to attach the bows to the earring posts

DIY | Cross-Stitch Wallet
I bought this wallet a while ago and just love the simplicity and the slightly vintage look to it. But I felt that it missed a personal touch. 
So I tried out a technique that I haven’t used since I was ten: cross stitching. I have seen some cross stitching items in stores lately and just love that this old school technique has become popular again!

Here’s how:


Old wallet or clutch | Embroidery yarn | Long needle | Chalk or a pencil that is removable from fabric

Step 1: Use your chalk to draw your heart design on the wallet or clutch.
Use a design out of crosses to make the embroidering easier.

Step 2: Start embroidering by following the lines on the fabric

SUITCASE OUTFITS | Little Black Dress

Today it’s time for the second Suitcase Outfits post: the little Black Dress! 
My guess is that almost every woman owns a (little) black dress, or something very similar. But what a lot of women don’t realize is that there are many ways to wear that particular dress.

So today I want to show you my ways of wearing this iconic piece of clothing and how to style it for different occasions and body types.

CASUAL- One way to wear this dress is to add more layers. There are many ways to do this, one is to add a peplum top to create a sophisticated look. Another one is to add a print top and make it more casual. I also added a waist belt to show my figure, or else it would have made me look bigger then I actually am:)

Dress by Primark | Top by Primark | Sunglasses by Flyingtiger | Belt is Vintage | Shoes by Vanharen

CLASSIC- There is also of course the classical way to way the dress and that is to simply accesories. Wear your up and use a statement necklace to add a little wow-factor to your look. And try to play a little bit with color accents, like I did with the belt and the necklace. There is just no way of going wrong here!

Dress by Primark | Necklace by Lana Red Studio | Belt is Vintage | Shoes by Vanharen

COLORFUL- The best thing about having black as your basic color is that you can add a fun color to your outfit! I choose to go bold here and experiment with yellow! Be careful though, you don’t want to go overboard, just pick one or two colors and add those to your look. Tip: instead of wearing a colorful pair of tights, choose some bold colored killer heels!

Dress by Primark | Blazer by Primark | Tights by Forever21 | Shoes by Vanharen 

SUITCASE OUTFITS | Vintage Lace Dress
Moving to another country is one of the most amazing things to do! But one thing that I really did not realize was that a crafty (fashion)blogger and a tiny suitcase do not match well:)
I really had a very hard time selecting the items I wanted to bring, and while I was leaving Holland I didn’t just say goodbye to my boyfriend and cats, but also to all my pretty dresses:)

So now that I am in New York, I have decided to embrace the limited options in my wardrobe and start a mix and match game! 
For today I am using my vintage lace dress and turn it into three different outfits! 

FANCY- I really love this dress, because it can be worn in so many different ways! I am actually wearing the dress backwards in this picture! Because the back of the dress is very high, I decided to wear it backwards and only wear a black bra underneath it. The bold blue jacket makes it fancy and not to revealing;)

dress is Vintage | bra by Forever21 | blazer by Forever21 | belt by Primark | Shoes by Vanharen

CASUAL- The front of the dress is actually pretty low, so I am combining it here with a high floral top.
And I (almost) always wear something around my waist to accentuate and highlight my figure, so I added a black ribbon to the look.

top by Primark | Headband by Primark |  | Shoes by Vanharen

RETRO- Why only wear dresses as a dress? You can also use the length to create the look of a high waisted skirt! Just add a top and a waist belt to your dress and you are good to go! 

top by Rainbow | belt by Primark | Shoes by Vanharen | Sunglasses by Flyingtiger

Inspirational Tuesday
These pictures are from Vogue Russia and I just love the styling! 

I know that it’s spring and I keep seeing everyone getting ready for the flowy summer dresses, but there’s just something about these outfits that make me want to stick to black and white today :)

Have a lovely tuesday everyone!

Happy Easter!
Image by Lana

Have a lovely Easter everybody! I wish you all the bunny/egg/chick shaped chocolates in the world! :)

Image found here

I have a pretty important presentation at school tomorrow, and I am still working on the finishing touches. Deadlines can be so stressful sometimes! even if you have everything planned out, it sometimes still comes down to the last seconds.
But even though I am stressing out right now, I still realize that I am stressing out because I can do what I love :)

Have a lovely (hopefully calm) wednesday everyone!
Black & White

I am a person that loves color, but there are some of those days that it seems like nothing in your wardrobe or interior matches. Today was one of those days, and instead of fighting it and keep trying to let everything match, I decided to accept it! 
Because there is one combination with all the answers that always works: black & white. And it might sound boring but trust me, you can bring live and creativity to this lovely combo!

Here is some inspiration for your black & white days:

- Fabulous Rug found on joinerynyc
- Pretty Striped Dress found on  Modcloth
- Secret Finch Earrings found on TillyBloom
- Beautiful Chalkboard Kitchen found on esdemventana
- DIY Shoe Restyle by Lana Red :)
- Gorgeous Print Clutch found on elizaparker
- Dipped Toile Dessert Plate found on anthropologie
- Very Original Wolf Pup Dog Drawing found on CreationsByCarrieD